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Skin Disorders - Cancer of the Head and Neck

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and the skin on your head, ears and neck is particularly sensitive. Trust Waters ENT Sinus & Allergy to treat skin lesions, rashes and cancers on the head, neck and ears.

Dermatitis of the ear canal 

Flaking and itching of the skin in the ear canal and skin outside the ear canal can be dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction that can be triggered by earrings with nickel content or many common personal and beauty grooming products. Aural eczematoid dermatitis can occur in people with seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. Dry skin in and around the ears can be caused by:

  • Swimming in chlorinated water
  • Stress
  • Sun exposure
  • Dehydration
  • Smoking

Cancer of the head and neck 

Many head and neck cancers begin in the cells that line the moist, mucosal surfaces inside the mouth, the nose and the throat. Head and neck cancers can also begin in the salivary glands. Alcohol and tobacco use are the most important risk factors for head and neck cancers. In addition, infection with certain cancer-causing types of the HPV virus can lead to cancers of the head and neck. 

Scar revision 

Scars on the head, neck or ears can be a visual reminder of an unpleasant experience you would rather forget. Scar revision can improve the appearance of a scar and help you feel better about yourself. 

Repair of lacerations  

Torn earlobes can happen with pierced ears due to trauma or wearing heavy earrings. A split or lacerated earlobe can be safely repaired in the office with no down time to you. You can even re-pierce your ears in about eight weeks following the repair. 

Reconstruction with grafts and flaps  

Defects of the cartilage and skin of the ear can be corrected with skin grafts and flaps. This procedure also reconstructs the ear after removal of cancerous growths. Look good and feel good about your appearance again.